Mat for Scoliosis<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1126

Mat for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Class 1126

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Maria C  Rubio
I love all of your classes. For some reason I understand everything you explain and your cues.
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Thank you so much Madeline. I love your explanation, its as clear as crystal. Love the corkscrew part, i felt huge relief in my lower back. More classes for scoliosis please..
Hi again Madeline, I seen some teacher put the towel or pad on the convex part and tie it up with straps. What do you think about that ? Is it going to help more ?
Madeline Black
Vivi, what position are you referring too? Side lying? Remember do not only prop one part of the curve, whole spine needs to be addressed.
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Great class!!! Very important information! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to watching the full workshop!!
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Madeline, Thank you so much! I have a new client with right thoraco lumbar and she loved this work. Great!
Tahmour B
Hi Moderators... i can't get this class to play. I have re started my modem, my computer, and still nothing. I am able to watch other PA classes, but not this one... hmmmm tips suggestions etc etc? Thanks
Tahmour B
(PS I forgot to add I get a sign that says file error, can't load or something like that...)
Tahmour ~ I have sent you an email to see if we can fix this issue.
Thank you~
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