Prenatal Tension Release<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1147

Prenatal Tension Release
Leah Stewart
Class 1147

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It makes me feel so happy that you enjoyed this class and that it felt great for your body. I hope that your prenatal clients enjoy the exercises as well
So good, thank you! Love your work.
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Just starting the second trimester of my first birth but already feeling the challenge to my hips and center of gravity with the weight gain and belly growth. This class is going to be one of my life savers ;) Felt very good! Thank you for putting it together.
Grete and Veronica,

So happy that you enjoyed the class.
Hi Leah. Just did this class - it was so wonderful for my body and mind! The stretch and release is just what my lower back was aching for. Thank you for sharing. Please may you add more pilates mat classes for pre-natal... Specifically for second and third trimesters? Love your work. Nickola
Have really been feeling tight in my mid back so I loved this one for helping me really mobilise the spine. I'll also be adding some of these movements into my yoga practice so thanks for the inspiration!!
Nickola - I am so happy to hear that you loved this class! I would love to add more classes for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters in the future as well

Lucie - Oh....I love that feeling of mobilizing the spine - it's so lovely, especially with a pregnant belly. What a lovely idea to add some of these movements to your yoga practice. Let me know how it goes
Local Motion Project
I love everyone of the video in this series. As a dancer, I appreciate the quality of movement and the freedom so much of these exercises give I appreciate the pace, and attention to the experience of the movement. These are all so safe as well-- and effective! Thank you so much for this.
Hi Leah, I enjoyed your class! I am 18 weeks and the rotation and side bending felt great! I will plan on using the positions for labor. I met you at the Pfilates training in March and used that knowledge while moving thru your class! I look forward to the next classes!
I love your work Leah and I use it to inspire my class designs. Hope that's ok? one of my pregnant lady is suffering for SPD, I Kegel Exercises and adductor works with her. Could you please recommend any more exercises I can use or any exercises I should avoid? Thanks. Esraxx
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