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Class 1151

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Thank you Ashley for reaching out for help and Gia for being awesome tech support - I love Pilates Anytime - everyone, public, staff, teachers, tech department - everyone!
Gia Calhoun I have high speed internet with comcast. Now they are a terrible company to be sure but they are the only one in town and bottom line I pay for high speed internet. Btw I have no problem watching netflix here.
Ashley ~ If a lower quality is not working, you can also try a different browser. We find that Firefox works very well for our videos. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at and we can work with you to find a solution.
Hi Niedra, What do you do it only half your is ready to ptogress? I had hip surgery and that leg lags behind the rest of my body. It's getting stronger, but the rest of my body is at 2 already? What I've been doing is attempting the harder stuff and using my hands or a strap or theraband to assist my weaker leg. Thanks, Stacie
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