Prenatal Side Lying Flow<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1158

Prenatal Side Lying Flow
Leah Stewart
Class 1158

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Excellent class! I especially love the side lying hip and back extensor work. Thank you, Leah!!
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Such an awesome class. At 26 wks, I've done nothing for two weeks as we have been abroad visiting family and stuck on planes/cars etc. My body felt like it was falling apart but I feel like this work has breathed fresh clear air into my body! Thank you! I hope all goes/has gone well with your second birth! Lx
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Yay, Leonie! So glad that this class felt great for you I personally love it as well, especially late into my pregnancy Thanks for the good wishes, too!
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I absolutely love your teaching style! Thank you and I hope all went well!
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Thank you for the great class!
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Loved this class Leah! Thanks so much for your great prenatal work!
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I am 26 weeks AND had tailbone surgery about 5 weeks ago, so have been limited on a lot of Pilates movements. This side work was fantastic for me!! Love your creativity!
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Great class - love all the side work!
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Glutes got a much needed workout and stretch! Question for you with the modified bridge- if i feel a lot of weight being taken in my neck and shoulders, am I not shifting enough weight down towards my heels to get the full benefit of the movement? Thanks!
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