Prenatal Postural Support<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1159

Prenatal Postural Support
Leah Stewart
Class 1159

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Great class and very helpful!!! Thanks Leah
Please we need you to do more of these classes... I have been repeating them for 3 months!!!!
Tara - I'm so glad that you are enjoying the classes I am actually coming back to PA at the end of this month and I will be filming another Reformer class that is appropriate for pregnant Pilates practitioners that are advanced. I would also suggest that you try some of the post-natal classes, of course, some ranges of motions are not appropriate for pre-natal women, but I think you will enjoy them.
Hi Leah! This is just what I needed after teaching today! I'm 38 weeks and the extension over the fit ball felt so amazing! We need more prenatal and postnatal videos! Thank you thank you!!!
Hi Leah, I just wanted to say that I love your prenatal series. Your routine is so innovative and kind to the body. Perfectly balanced! Thank you and I am looking forward to more videos from you. Tess
Kate S
Leah, I have been doing this class since before pregnancy (I integrated a lot of this work with my prenatal clients) and throughout my own pregnancy. At 36 weeks, it feels just as incredible (maybe more!) as it did in my first trimester. Thank you so much for helping me keep my body moving! Movement is such an incredible way to stave off the heavy, clunky feeling that comes in late pregnancy and I am grateful to you for sharing!
I appreciated the modifications on stomach massage and breaststroke, as well as the inversions. It is great to be able to do traditional exercises while pregnant.

There was a bit too much for me in. Here on the wrists. Do you have any other classes that have less wrist work?
That was great, i feel amazing. Thank you??
This was so fun to be part of! Thank you so much!
Thank you for this amazing class!!! It´ll help me a lot with my pregnant clients
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