Prenatal Mobilizing Mat
Leah Stewart
Class 1173

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Ladies, you are all amazing! Thank you for the feedback.
Leah, I welcomed my sweet baby boy into the world last week and was able to utilise so much from your classes for breathing and positions, especially during the early stages of labour....thank you!
Hi Leah,
thank you so much for this class!! What is the size that you recommend as a "medium"? 65 cm or less?

Thank u again!!
I return to this class frequently and I`m 27 years postpartum from my last "baby". Tomorrow I am going to incorporate many of the movements into a rebozo workshop I am leading. What do you think of helping some of the more balance challenged mamas by wrapping the rebozo around their torso as they learn to balance on the ball. I thin it will give them enormous training wheels!
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Leah I am so enjoying all of your prenatal pilates work! What a gift you have to not only create a class that truly makes a pregnant body feel wonderful but also a lovely demeanor which lifts the spirits. Thank you!
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I think you are a genius!
Every movement in this class was incredibly well combined , balanced and persuasive! from beginning to the end, never got bored at all ...
I am currently teaching pregnant lady and sometimes i feel like getting lost while i am teaching her but your program gave me lots of new ideas.Thank you million times!
Taking this class for the umpteenth time and enjoying your instruction and personality as always. I realize that I automatically breath exactly opposite to your suggestion on the last exercise in which you are sitting on the ball and drawing everything UP towards the sternum and then releasing. Rather than EXhale on the tightening and INhale on the release, I would respectfully suggest EXHALING on the release. Much more what we would want to accomplish in 2nd stage/pushing/expulsion/release or whatever you wish to call it! Those open sounds of exhaling also open the pelvic floor!
Amazing amazing amazing! The best prenatal class I think! Showing my partner so that he also knows what exercises to remind me to use during labour. Thank you so much
Sabrina - I'm so glad that you will be using some of this work during your labor. I am truly honored! All the best to you!!
Joni - I always appreciate your feedback!! Thank for your thoughts about breath. Yes, feel free to breathe in which ever way feels best and most naturally for you and/or your clients. That is one of my favorite things about Pilates, it can always be altered and adjusted to best meet the needs for the individual performing the exercise, including breath patterns
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