Prenatal Mobilizing Mat
Leah Stewart
Class 1173

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Excelente aula!!!
Great great class- thank you!
What an awesome class.
Tricky to keep the ball in place during some exercises, but really, just added to the fun aspect of then class! Oh yeah, and I'll definitely keep working on those squats! Thank you

I'm so happy you enjoyed the class Yes, apart of the fun is keeping that ball in place, I guess we can think of it as preparing us for part of the unforeseen involved in labor and birth All the best to you, and yes, practice those squats for a healthy pelvic floor.
This was a great class. Thanks
Great. Thank you!
I LOVED this class!!! Thank you so much.... I feel amazing now ;)
Leah I am thoroughly enjoying your prenatal series. This week I experienced my first growing pains (which I'm told is normal!) but I felt very restricted in my body yesterday. I thought a class would help to loosen me up and get me feeling back to normal, and I have to say I feel stretched and strong and relaxed. Thank you!
Can't say enough about this class.....every time I do this work out I feel great! :) Thanks!
Me again! By far this is my favourite class and I always feel stretched and stronger afterwards ! Thank you!
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