Prenatal Reformer Flow<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1183

Prenatal Reformer Flow
Leah Stewart
Class 1183

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I enjoy your prenatal workouts eventhough I' m not pregnant.
Thank you
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Libby - love it! Yes, they are for everybody, really
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Thank you for these prenatal reformer workouts… I have had a pregnant client who is now in her late third trimester and she is enjoying the mobility and variety provided by your sessions – and they have been inspiring other creative exercise choreography that works for her and non-preggo clients as well. Loving Pilates Anytime! Thank you, Leah Stewart
Erika Quest
I love you my dearest! All of your Pre & Post with Mr. B are helping me A LOT with creativity with my two delightful, fit pregnant clients. So stoked that you have all of these classes on PA. I'm already reviewing your post stuff in prep for what's to come. See you soon!
gracias !!!!
What a lovely class.
Very, very, very NICE!!! I enjoyed it so much even if I'm not pregnant! I'm from Peru!
Ioulia M
Very good.I have anew client after
Her heLped me a lot.
Wow!! I was feeling a bit stumped for a creative pregnancy class and Leah this has inspired me. Thanks for such a great class :)
This is exactly what I'm going to do with my pregnant client/friend tonight. Thank you!
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