Foam Roller Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1186

Foam Roller Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1186

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My favorite thing about your regular class, Niedra, is watching the individuals' bodies and skill level change over time. It's great to watch a recurring class progress.
Niedra Gabriel
Alice, I have just copied your comment to share with my little group on Monday to let them know how much they are progressing, so much so that even you cyber space people can see it. I am very proud of them.
such a good class
Lovely, I feel magnificent :)
Niedra Gabriel
Great - love that you enjoyed the class.
Awesome class. Great for lower back and hips.
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At first glance to a person watching this looks so easy but I found it challenging yet kind on the body. That seems to be the general them with all the classes I've taken from Niedra so far and I totally appreciate it. Thanks so much!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Erin for your comment, and I hope you are "getting your body back" after your baby. Now pregnancy, is a real workout.... the dog photo is fabulous. Enjoy!
Niedra every time I feel stiff or have sore, tired muscles I come back to one of your classes and you never fail to release and open up my body especially in my shoulders where I suffer alot of tension. Thank you - you are my natural pain relief!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Katie, so glad to be reading this. Love that these classes are a "natural pain relief" ( smiling here)
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