Cadillac Flow
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Tutorial 1206

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Love it, thank you Kathryn!
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Love this!!
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Really like the flow of all these exercises and how each one builds to the next, yet repeats certain shapes and recruitment patterns over and over. Great way for a client to learn now these happen in different planes of motion, like real life.
Beautiful, you really are a great teacher!!
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Thank you. Great flow.
Short question. In the last exercise, which according to Romana on her Legacy DVD Joseph Pilates created for Sari Mejia Santo, what was the exact foot position. Toes or arches?
I usually use ball of the foot- but for some feet I use arches... depends of the person :)
Great series! Loved the flow. Jeanette is a beautiful mover and you are a great teacher! Thanks for the video.
Kathryn, you a great inspiration and lovely energies. Kisses and love from Qatar
Love this!! thank you :)
Just seeing this now (2018) and I LOVE IT!!
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