Progressing the Fundamentals<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1218

Progressing the Fundamentals
Karen Sanzo
Class 1218

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Theresa L
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Love your descriptions! Excellent. Thank you
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Great advice for the neck/collarbone area. I teach a variety of women at the Y,, and I see a lot of "gripping" in the neck area! Will certainly use some of your cues! Thanks! Ginger
After viewing both Beginner Series workouts, I checked back in with my own neck position and noticed I get so much more benefit from the exercises when keeping my neck in absolute correct alignment. Even bridging gave me more of a low back stretch by correcting my neck position. It amazes me how every little detail makes such a huge difference in how I feel the exercises! Thank you so much for you insight once again!!
(Oh yea... and what's up with the smile thing? That really does work!! Amazing!!)
Thank you Karen, love this class, the pace and the great cues...sandbags! This will really help me with my beginners.
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Another great class and great progression! Thanks Karen. Your fine tuned directions make a huge difference in body awareness that carries over to every movement in life.
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Karen Sanzo
I love teaching a beginner series class. I love it when I am a beginner at anything for someone to explain and verbalize and demonstrate pieces that can make a whole. Y'all keep it up. Teaching beginners can be a challenge, but it is very rewarding. And, yes, Melissa, this dolphins can be distracting. Sometimes I have to stop and look myself. What natural beauty!!
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Thank you Karen! Great class with excellent body cueing! And a smile really does make a difference!
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Inspiring beginner programs ! Thank you so much
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