Progressing the Fundamentals<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1218

Progressing the Fundamentals
Karen Sanzo
Class 1218

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Mark S
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Brilliant class showing how to make pre-pilates moves more accessible to complete beginners, with fab focus on neck form (which is one of the greatest challenges for beginners!)
Liza P
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i enjoyed this. very helpful.
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Really enjoyed this, and all of your classes.  Great cues Karen.  I was wondering if you could share some insight as to why bridging could cause low back pain in clients?  Only when doing mat work, not on the equipment.
Karen Sanzo
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ahhhh..  Bridging.  A bridge is for suspension.  The body needs to experience an articulating bridge and a neutral bridge. The bridge itself is not responsible for causing the back pain.  The back may start to feel pain/discomfort because as the bridge lifts, the spine may not feel the support from the rest of the core or from the glutei posteriorly.  If someone has a back dysfunction (like a disc issue or spinal stenosis) a neutral bridge is preferred. When performing an articulatory bridge, I feel it's important to not initiate with a glutei squeeze or a harsh "tuck" but rather a gentle rolling upward.  Let me know if that helps, you can message me, too.

Christine Lamb
Brilliant tutorials from a very experienced teacher and therapist. I’d like to see more workshops from Karen. Thank you Karen. 
Christine S
Loved this! I have particularly weak glutes and have always had extreme difficulty lifting either leg while in a bridge, and I really appreciated the "karate chop" cue for getting a bit more support from the arms--I've always found it hard to get my triceps to engage with my hands palm down, and now I'm wondering if that's not because of some tightness I have in my shoulders. In any case, the karate chop angle helped out a lot! Looking forward to more of your insights as I watch the rest of the series.
I had been doing lots of sanding and panting of baseboards and laying on my side for sidekicks felt so painful for my left shoulder... I had no idea how much I was straining my neck.  Resting it into the pillow felt amazing!  Thank you so much, Karen Sanzo
Clare V
Thank you Karen! I love your cues.
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