Prenatal Upper Body Strength
Leah Stewart
Class 1240

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leave it to you for creativity!!!!
Love the natural mobilisation and spiralling of the pelvis and lumbar that you've created here. Nothing forced - just free movement. Nice to have the shoulder and lat work in there too (a little energised from that!). I'm 32 weeks and was feeling heavy at the start but certainly felt lighter by the end of this short workout. Thanks Leah and hope all is well with you and yours.
Heidi - thank you, my dear!

Leanne - awesome! so happy that you enjoyed and glad it left you feeling lighter, which is so nice at 32 weeks
Leah, you mentioned hypermobility which reminds me as I see it a lot in my clients can we have a workhop on pre/postnatal and hyper mobility or hypo for that matter too?

Thank you for your inspiring work!
I am at 27 wks and enjoyed this short work-out. I will definitely be doing it again! Thank-you!
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I'm 39 weeks pregnant and loved the standing series on this workout! Great combination of spine/hip mobility with some upper body strength.
Thank you!
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Heidi - yes, a workshop on hypermobility, or lack of mobility in some cases, would be great! I would suggest you let Kristi at PA know

Yvonne - I'm so glad that you enjoyed this workout and that you'll be doing it again

Patricia - I too loved the standing work while pregnant, it is also a great preparation for labor, too! All the best to you as your are at the very end of you pregnancy and about ready to have your little one. xo
Thank you Miss Leah! My shoulders are burning!! I am 26 weeks and needed a little pick me up while Miss Couper was napping!
This class was marked a level 1/2, I felt nothing. It was primarily stretching. I was looking to actually feel something. Very disappointed that I spent 25 minutes of my time on this video. There wasn't much Pilates to it either. But if you're looking for something gentle and stretching this is for you.
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Well, unlike the previous comment I actually felt a lot: This felt soooo good, Leah! I am 15 weeks pregnant now and have a really tight neck and shoulders since a few weeks which causes me a lot of headaches. This class was perfect to "let loose". I feel open and relaxed now, so thank you so much! In the last weeks I did all of your mat classes and will repeat them again and again. So for egoistic reasons I would be very happy if you would film more prenatal-mat-classes soon, even if you are not pregnant anymore...
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