Prenatal Mat Series #4
Leah Stewart
Class 1240

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Emma - I love that you're are enjoying this class at 39 weeks. When I filmed this I was about 38 weeks myself. It's a great one for later in pregnancy. My hope is that you use the standing movement to inspire some of your movement during the contractions during labor, I have found in both labors that it helps so much to stay focused, calm, free and open to the experience. All the best to you and best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable labor.
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Viola - Great suggestion! I will keep that in mind for future filming at Pilates Anytime. In the meantime, take note of which movements feel the best for you and try and remember them during labor. I did a lot of hip circles, rolling through my spine, gentle squatting, hands and knees positions (in fact, I gave birth to my second baby boy in a kneeling position - I was so nice!) during both labors. Best wishes!
Thank you Lea for a lovely class, I really needed inspiration for my private client who's in her last weeks of pregnancy and wants to do classes till the birth.
As I have never been pregnant I appreciate your classes to give me insight how the pregnancy makes the woman feel during certain movements.
Thank you!
Sorry Leah, I misspelled your name...
Felt incredible in my non-pregnant body!! :)
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One of the most important take away messages from any and all of Leah's classes is the importance of mobility during labor and the opportunity to choose the position (usually upright or all fours) that works best for the actual birth. Why any women would spend months practicing (and relishing) the joy of mobility in Pilates classes to give this power and good feeling away at the birth because their birth provider's are uncomfortable or inexperienced with them is something every pregnant woman taking her classes should be discussing with their birth attendant NOW.
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Viola...I have attended close to 900 births and can assure you that there isn't ANY movement or position used in Leah's sessions that can not be incorporated into your labor. The "free wheeling/dancey" spirit that she uses in this session is especially helpful. This way you don't have any sort of outline or syllabus you need to remember in labor (one of the problems with earlier Lamaze instruction when pregnant brains were all concerned whether they were doing things "right"...if it feels good then it IS good. Even when it doesn't feel like work for the mama imagine how delicious these movents feel for baby!!!
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Joni - Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. With your birth experience, it is really nice to here your thoughts on the importance of free/uninhibited movement during labor. One of my primary goals in creating pre-natal movement variations and sequences is to help women find the confidence and freedom within themselves to do just that!!
Thanks Leah- shoulders and upper back feel stretched and stronger after that!
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