Mat on the Spine Corrector<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1248

Mat on the Spine Corrector
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1248

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Niedra, you know what helps push you through this? You're lilting voice;)) it's encouraging and informing all at once, and humanness of you comes through, because it's just always nice to know that those I look up to for inspiration have little struggles too...great push up variation, not to mention all the rocking moves. I have never done them on the spine corrector before. :)
Niedra Gabriel
I am just reading this comment Sunni at the start of my day and you just made me very happy - thank you. Yes, perfection is never achievable, but pleasure within process is what it is all about. Thank you, and yes, I have my challenges too, of course.
Hi, Niedra! THAT was amazing! Thank you :)
Niedra Gabriel
You are welcome Patti! loved reading the comments from all of you.
Susan B
What a great workout !! I love your classes. Thank you for sharing with all of us.....
Niedra Gabriel
enjoy enjoy Susan.
Great compliment for running. Opens up the lower back and hamstrings. Love the mat exercises here. I had to do it on a half barrel, so lost some of the challenge, but still loved it. I need more spine corrector with side kicks, it totally woke up the lazy part of my hip.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Kara - so glad you found this work beneficial - I love that you cross train this way. You are such ana athlete!
Dorothy S
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Hi there! I am viewing this lovely workout in 2019 and enjoying it as brand new-to-me! I wonder if you know that dolphins were playing in the waves during your single leg circles and later in the video, as well. Your playful spirit was reflected in the joyful splashing of the dolphins. Doubly inspiring and uplifting for me! Thank you so much!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Dorothy, no I did not know ( or remember probably) the playful dolphins, I know this studio is magical.  You are so welcome.
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