Mat on the Spine Corrector<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1248

Mat on the Spine Corrector
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1248

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The barrels have become one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Never tried the rocking or rolling on barrel...challenging!! Short but sweet and challenging workout!
Niedra Gabriel
Great to hear this Angel, I love the barrels as well, they add so much to variety to the basic material.
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Genius! Beautiful! Such intricate detail, explained so simply. Great inspiration....Neidra you are fabulous! xx
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Thanks Niedra as always attention to detail. And you are right, the rolling like a ball and seal are super challenging!
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I just purchased a Gratz spine corrector recently for myself, so this session was wonderful just now!
I love your cueing and explanations. Variation of push-ups for women especially nice.
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Thank You so much Niedra !!
This was probably THE best spine corrector work I have ever done. well, minus when I tried your gracefully executed roll and ended up on my head in a forward somersault … however I will continue practicing this movement ;)
Niedra Gabriel
Yogunda I had a good laugh about your somersault! what a fund experience, you know - it is really about having fun and accidentally learning at the same time!
Love this work out,sweating but having fun.Thats Pilates
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Gaile, good to read your post and waving at you from the other side of the atlantic... Hope you are well. my best to both you and Lucinda.
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