Fundamental Reformer 1<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1277

Fundamental Reformer 1
Karen Sanzo
Class 1277

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Sudha N
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Very informative and especially for a new instructor like me with clients who have never done Pilates before
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Great class! Looking forward to the next 2. I work with a lot of "beginners", I like how you explain the fundamentals:)
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I really enjoyed listening to Karen explain the fundamentals. A great reminder of how to properly teach a true beginner. Looking forward to part 2.
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I love watching Karen teach!
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I love listening to you Karen! I always come away with the best cues! I loved scraping mud off the heel when doing leg work. Thank you!
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Well, Ms Sanzo - with this class you have proven that 'back to basics' is always a good idea! After many years training at Alan Herdman's London studio I now finally have my own reformer but no instructor nearby. I am so grateful that you and your fellow teachers manage to surprise me with new insights, cues, techniques during every session. Thank you!
Karen Sanzo
I really enjoyed creating this series for Pilates Anytime. I just watched this session again, myself, and it's my new favorite. This particular workout was inspired by one of my clients who is just thrilled to be working through a program in a connected, clean fashion. And, what's interesting is that this is her more advanced workout, after recovering from spinal surgery. It's all relative---one person's basics is another's advancement.
Thank you all for your comments and for taking time to respond. One breath at a time. Life is good.
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Thank you Karen- your cues are wonderful. Love learning new variations and modifications- they really help me to keep re- thinking the exercises and not to just "go thru the motions"
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Thanks Karen! It is always interesting to go back to the fundamentals I always learn something new and that is great for my clients! Pilates is so beautiful you never stop your journey!
Monica (uk)
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Great "refresher" of fundamentals with some wonderful new prompts for beginners (and for me!) You are one of my favorite instructors and I always look so forward to watching you.
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