Reformer Series 1
Karen Sanzo
Class 1277

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Thank you Karen this is really helpful. Not only for beginners, but also for keeping the quality in movement w/more experienced students. In addition I've found it helpful w/students first lesson w/me that are not beginners but have had some Pilates experience. I don't always know what they understand about the fundamentals. Many need to be introduced again. This is really helpful. Thanks again.
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Very nice Instruction! Thank you.
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Thank You Karen
A wonderful way to reconnect not just to core but to the beginnings of every movement we do in more advanced work. and as everyone else has written your imagery in verbal cues was perfect and sometimes funny :)
It's nice to see these comments. Thank you for taking the time to comment. "funny" cues...I love you noticed. I love to be serious, clear and funny all at the same time. Most of the time, I kinda laugh at myself. Sometimes I feel like I don't say the same thing twice. It's way fun to be in the moment when teaching, isn't it?
Hope to see some of you at Pilates On Tour in Phoenix or Austin
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Karen, I just love watching you. You are so "real". Love the way you teach, talk, cue, how you show the way a clients body may move on the equipment. Sure it's nice to watch bodies do everything perfectly, but my clients are not perfect and I can't learn near as much if I don't see the mistakes commonly made. Thank YOU!!!
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I have watched this 3x and got something new each time! My students have been saying "Great Instruction, Lisa"
Wonderful cues. Thank you!!
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I just bought my own reformer after working out in a studio for a while. It's difficult working out on your own without the constant realignment of an instructor. This was very helpful to me. It doesn't replace an instructor but if you're experienced on a reformer already, it is a great must have
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I Love all the cues! Thank you so much in teaching the connections. Please keep it coming:)
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"Remember Beginner does not mean Easy" - excellent class Karen Sanzo . Thanks a million!
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