How We Cue the Body
Pat Guyton
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Great! Let me know how it works for them. And, thank you.
Thank you, a very useful tutorial and so good to find different ways to explain things to class members. I shall be using some of this in my class tonight!
Thank you! I love doing the tutorials. Let me know how it goes!
I tried these exercises with my private clients and with my mat students and the next day my muscles around the shoulder blades really felt worked and my posture feels amazing. The cues are great for my client and students who may not have known movement their whole life. But they are even deeper for me personally. Plus I actually feel like I know what I am talking about!! Thanks!!
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WOW! That is my mission; to give you tools so that you can empower others to move well and to give you the confidence to communicate. You did it! Thank you.
I very much appreciated this tutorial. I am now beginning to imagine all the many exercises where we want to protract and retract the shoulder blades verses where we want to flex and extend the spine. Thank you!
Ron Fletcher would tell the story of how he asked Joe what muscle did something and Joe said, "Shut Up! Every muscle in the body does it!" It is impossible to think of all those relationships at one time. That is where intelligent cuing includes changing the it the spine or the shoulder all goes together. I am glad that you are enjoying the imagery.
Wonderful teaching thank you so much, I am an apprentice teacher and I love this kind of in-depth explanation of what's happening and watching this type of dynamic between client and teacher! Very Helpful thank you for sharing
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