How We Cue the Body
Pat Guyton
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Wonderful tutorial! Pat you are truly a master of movement. These practical applications are so helpful to all clients and great way to illustrate goals of exercises! Thanks ladies!
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Thank you so much! Beautifully clear.
It would have been nice to hear Amy's responses to the work more clearly though-could you mike up the model in future? Thanks PA, yet another winner!
Thank you Angel and Julie! I should have requested that Amy be on mike. I conduct this kind of tutorial in an interview style so teachers can become aware that the same cues that we like to use, may not be what the client feels or understands.
Super cueing Pat, I love the all four position as my clients really need to concentrate when they do this.
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Thanks Molly, When I mentor Pilates teachers and students, I encourage them to remember that all good cues can become stale when they are used repetitively. Teachers begin to say them automatically and students unconsciously begin to not listen. It is important to have more than one way of directing feeling and thinking. Good for you! I'd love to hear how this information works in the studio.
Thank you Pat. Awesome cues/directives to connect with the actual feeling of the movement. Loved it!
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Thanks Sue, That is a compliment when the work can be put into practical teaching.
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Cues are very important because they are they way, the vehicle for the clients to understand the movement, thanks so much to give and share this tutorial.
Thanks Laura, I am very grateful to have given you assistance in your journey!
Great Tutorial Pat! I love your explanation of the relationship between the two with use of the blocks. I could certainly utilise those cues with some older kyphotic clients. Thank you!
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