Fascial Dog Series<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1284

Fascial Dog Series
Wendy L.
Class 1284

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thank you, Margherita....yes, we were discussing how we have the opportunity to literally unravel history (trauma, long held emotional and physical tension patterns, etc) in the way we choose to "workout". When we come from "being in relationship with gravity and the periphersonal space around us", rather than "fighting gravity by trying to control our bodies", we open to a new way of being that is a deeper relationship with ourselves, one another and our environment.
wow, your lessons are so helpfull! I really hope you will upload many new movies. I'm wondering if you also know somatic experiencing from peter levine. many things you teach sound familiar to me.
Thank you, Noreen..yes, I have experienced Peter Levine's work and have studied with many pioneers of somatic movement and bodywork. As you are mentioning, this way of being with ourselves as connected with the rhythms and flow of the natural world is very different than trying to fix ourselves, or downloading information from someone to get answers. We wake up our innate deep intelligence which is a grounding, centering and enlivening resource, xwendy
Hi Wendy, just had a inquiry regarding the hands on the chair: I'm finding that placing my hands and then sometimes having a closed "gorilla" style soft fist in contact with the chair helps to enliven the sense of allowing An awareness of the equal and opposite force, any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for your work and dedication!
Hi Mastaneh, experimenting with various positions of your hands is very powerful to "wake up" your sensory awareness. The "open hands" on the chair allow the thousands of "receptors" in the hands to talk to the thousands of receptors in the feet and ask them to open too...so your body opens and widens spatially. Let me know what you are noticing, and thank you for being in touch. I will be coming back to Pilates Anytime in March to film more awareness based approaches to movement, xwendy
Another thought about your question, Mastaneh, is that our primordial spine, from soft eyes/ inner ear to tail, is the master key for our movements, because breath directs our aliveness. So, with a body positioning question, always notice how your body is opening to breath, relationship and aliveness...and it will guide you to do what is appropriate at that time, xwendy
Thanks Wendy! I'll listen up and out and looking forward to the upcoming classes too.
These are wonderful stretches. However, they were hard on my wrists. Besides using WAGS, what can you recommend to alleviate wrist pain while doing this?
yessss, so great!!! thanks!
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thank you so much, Judit! I appreciate your feedback on this empowering series of movements that will deeply energize and nourish your body and mind! You will notice, as you become more comfortable with practicing the Fascial Dog Flow Series, that your body becomes more naturally flexible, strong and able to perform Pilates with more ease! I'd love to hear what you notice, xwendy
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