Fascial Dog Series<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1284

Fascial Dog Series
Wendy L.
Class 1284

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BLISS. Thank you Wendy isn't enough but read more into that- freedom, exploration and allowance. And thank you PA...that isn't enough either-great big hugs all around. Mwaah.
Thank you Robyn! I'm so excited to have this Fascial Dog Flow Series on PA because, as you can see, this practice will deeply inform how you do every flexion, extension and rotational movement in Pilates, yoga or any other movement discipline. Let me know what your experience is over time!
FAB U LOUS! just did this before i start a nice 6 hour work stretch! just what i needed!
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What a wonderful way to start the day opening up your body, your mind and your heart :) Already loved your workshop Wendy, THANK YOU from Cairo, Egypt !!!!!
Ann S
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What a great way to treat your body!!! I would LOVE to see more fascia work.
Thanks sooooo much
Ann, we have Dr. Robert Schleip and Divo Müller scheduled to return for another workshop in January, so we should have some more fascia content coming to you sometime next year. Glad that you enjoyed the session with Wendy.
Thank you, Karin, Petra, Ann, and Hannah...as you can see, I've been studying about and moving from a fascial approach for many years, and will be doing more filming at PA and on my website on this approach to movement..... I would love to hear more about your explorations with this approach too....you can also be in touch with me through my website: www.pilatescenterofaustin.com
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This is a wonderful flow for exploring the body head to foot. The more you do it, the more the cueing makes sense. Thank you for bringing it to us, Wendy! It's always more fun when we can do it with you.
Thank you, Nanci, and since you have studied with me for a number of years, you know how profound this conversation WITH the body's experience of Core from head to foot is. You have also experienced how regularly practiciing the Fascial Dog Flow Series changes your body fascially, by opening your joints and strengthening the relationships between your bones, muscles, organs so that being in your whole body in any movement becomes a way of being and moving in life!
Margherita S
Wendy, good to see you In Florida at PMA. thank you for this and your final words: allowing us to let the body release old trauma. we have to forgive our bodies before we can move on. gracie. Margherita
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