Fascial Dog Series<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1284

Fascial Dog Series
Wendy L.
Class 1284

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Wow ! This is such a wonderful and connected Dialogue with you and the practitioner and the body!
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Thank you, Lelie! When we allow our hands and feet to "sense" the ground and chair, without over-stabilizing through our abdominals, we open to whole body "core coordination" which connects us more deeply through our "breathing spine" to "biotensegrity" with ourselves, with other people and with our environment! This is a way of being that we can take into Pilates, and any movement discipline, with transformational results!
Leila A
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Looks like yoga
Hi Leila, yes, this Fascial Dog Flow series is based on the Sun Salutations series in yoga, which, when you see movement from a whole body perspective, doesn't matter, if you are doing yoga, Pilates, etc.  What is important here is that we are waking up the "portals" of the hands and feet in relationship with the whole body!  Notice how you can feel grounded through your Lower Core, from your pelvis to feet, and feet internal lift through your Central and Upper Cores which create a buoyant, suspended feeling from spine's relationship from your diaphragm to your head and hands.  If you practice this flow more than one time, you will notice that it will deeply relate to your Pilates practice and help you go deeper with all your movements!  Enjoy!
New releases 

Hi Laura,  thank you for sharing your
insights from practicing the Fascial Dog Flow Series.   This practice
is one that opens us to our biointelligent wisdom's guidance through connection
from your hands through  your spine and feet (Down the Back)...and then
rippling that energy back up from the inner ankles along the front of the
pelvic floor and the front of the spine to each inner ear (Up the Front)! 
YES, this is a major WHOLE BEING CORE COORDINATION practice that will feed your
Pilates, yoga and any other practice by speaking with your body's wisdom!  xwendy

How wonderful! My new favorite class. Thank you Wendy for this unwinding experience!
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Thank you, Diane!  This Fascial Dog Flow Series  is a powerful fascial approach to our bodies, and, as you are expressing,  learning to embody the various movements and connections, gives us a very efficient way of unraveling old tensions and traumas with a new perspective.  I would love to know what you noticed, xwendy
Wendy, I experienced more comfort in sitting the entire day after taking this class. Before I started the class I woke up with low back stiffness much more than usual. I felt slightly light headed upon standing after the first segment. I was able to squat deeper and I loved the connection with rolling the feet. Ultimately, my posterior chain felt a release. My back did tighten today sitting at work after a few hours. I just finished taking the class again and feel very relaxed. Thank you. 
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