Core Coordination Mat<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1297

Core Coordination Mat
Wendy L.
Class 1297

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Profound! Thank you, Wendy! New favorite class to add! For years I've known about the waterfall down the back ... but, down the back, down the legs all the way to my feet was an image that just transformed everything for me! At last!!! I think I'm starting to get what all this business is supposed to feel like! :)
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Love this class! And Wendy, love your spontanious laugh at the end! :)
WoWeeKaZoWee !! Bravo is Right On :)
Thank You and how fun was that ending !?!
I have watched the session three times now each time gets better. Having looked at Anatomy trains theory I now feel a greater understanding of its relationship to my teaching of Pilates.really well done,love the laughter
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thank you so much, Mirian, Heikki, Yugonda and Steven, for your great feedback. It was very special being with your great energy, Heikki! We are building awareness of the deep intelligence of our body in relationship with the gravitational field, and how that informs how we do an exercise so that it grows us instead of keeping us stuck in cultural beliefs. It is a very profound conversation which grows us physically, mentally and emotionally on every level. This is very different than "just doing an exercise one way" which keeps us stuck in performing movements, rather than inner awareness of how we move and can help ourselves. There's more to stay tuned!
Wendy, I love your lovely personality. Great class, thank you!
thank you, you know, you can only recognize what you can embody yourself! I'm glad you got value from the was so much fun to be with these inspiring teachers!
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So much fantastic rotation...can't wait to share. And that seal ending. Shazammm ... Where rubber meets the road. Thank you
thank you, you can see, when we move with an internal support of breath, and gravity as a partner, we can let go of abdominal gripping and sense deeper rotation.....this awareness allows us to get a FABULOUS fascial release from foot to head and hand - a whole body massage while moving!
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Wow! Excellent class and your comments here are just as enlightening:) thank you Wendy!
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