Core Coordination Mat<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1297

Core Coordination Mat
Wendy L.
Class 1297

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thank you, Susan.... it makes a huge difference for you to see the relationships that am creating between the context of where we are coming from (ways of thinking and being)...and how that affects how we move. Let's stay on the journey together!
Lovely Wendy, its not only all the good, good, feeling, the lightness of movement and the deep connection, that you are capable of teaching and really getting in to me, but also the humor that you have throughout! I love it, - it is freeing in many senses! Thank you!
thank you, Silke, for seeing the silk thread that makes the difference in our workouts and teaching.....that is why I speak of "core as relationship...with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment" - rather than core as a thing, like the abdominals. If our practice of Pilates is creating a feeling of separation from others (I'm better, you're not doing it right, etc.), there is something missing in how you are practicing the goal of Joseph Pilates' vision of pilates, which was whole body health - everything connected to everything else!
Loved it! More please.t Thanks Wendy for an inspiring and freeing start to the day.
thank you, Kate, I love hearing from each person who is getting value out of new ways of looking at our whole body in motion, with more ease as we partner with gravity!
It´s one of my favorite classes at PA. Every time I watch it I find a little bit more out of this great informations. Thank you
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Thank you, Irene...that is the real juice, isn't it? To go deeper with how we are moving, so that we are truly embodying ourselves within a movement. THis is very different than "exercising"....we are "energizing"!
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another distinction i would like to add, Irene, is that when we "energize" rather than "exercise", we evoke: "core as relationship...with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment". What I have discovered over my 40 years in working with pioneers of holistic health, movement and bodywork is that "core" is not a thing to do with the abdominals.....rather it is a way of being with ourselves in living life we connect with ourselves, one another and our surroundings, so that posture and poise become natural and ageless!
Love the core connection to every move we make I find when we understand this better the movement is more fluid and less stressed Great class thank you Barbara UK
Thank you Wendy! I feel connected, light, and loved! Bravo to you!
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