Hip Flexor Release Tutorial<br>Anthony Lett<br>Tutorial 1314

Hip Flexor Release Tutorial
Anthony Lett
Tutorial 1314

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Very informative. A tight area for a lot of people, really helps to relieve hip tension/tightness.
Plus loved listening to his accent!
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Thanks Angela, very glad you enjoyed it. What accent?!!
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What a great release! So many of runners, cyclists, skiers, etc have very tight flexors. How quickly these exercises address the tightness. Sure to be a big hit with my clients. Thank you
Lovely, particularly after lots of long journeys and sitting around at this time of year. Happy New Year!
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Fiona, I hear you! Sitting around eating, surprisingly, doesn't do much for ones hip flexors!
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Excellent! Would love to see more tutorials from Anthony.
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Thank you Usha. Very glad you enjoyed it .:)
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Anthony, I've incorporated your stretches into my daily routine and I no longer have back pain. Thanks!
Freda thank you. This is the best news I've had all year! (its only the 1/1). Seriously though, Im very happy to hear such feedback. thank you.
I was a yoga teacher before I became a Pilates teacher, so these stretches are very familiar to me, but I greatly appreciated the anatomical focus and the relationship to so many of the Pilates exercises. Nearly every client I have would benefit from this. These short tutorials are so useful. Thanks!
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