Hip Flexor Release Tutorial
Anthony Lett
Tutorial 1314

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Thank you Holly, I appreciate your feedback. Its nice to see some Yoga teachers among our community too, sharing and integrating their diverse background with us.
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Fascinating explanation and attention to detail of a problematic area. Should be mandatory viewing. A great share for massage therapists too. Thank you!
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Thank you Anthony> Hope to meet you someday.
Looking good Merideth…miss you
Happy New Year!!
Patrcia Kabalaoui
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Very Nice!! This will help alot of my clients. Thanks for sharing.
thank you Hydie, Patricia and Ann. So glad you enjoyed the information :)
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Love this and will be using it in my class. Thank you Anthony!
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I enjoyed watching this first entirely ...then practicing !!! Thank you for your great explanation and slow methodical movement !!! I love PIlates Anytime !! You are a great teacher Anthony !!!! Happy New Year !!!
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Very useful, worked very well iin my classes, thank you so much
thanks everyone. Im really happy you're benefiting and that you take the time to write. :)
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With a torn hip flexor and still recovering after almost one year, I love this stretch. I sit at a desk all day and really needed something fast to stretch my hips. Perfect. Thank you
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