Diane & Susan on Ron<br>Diane D. & Susan S.<br>Discussion 1315

Diane & Susan on Ron
Diane D. & Susan S.
Discussion 1315

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truly touching, thank you
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LOVE this! This was so inspiring and real. Thank you.
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Lovely. Thank you.
Inspiring, the root of our work is passion. Your passion beamed throughout. Glorious :)
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Very sweet! Thank you for sharing your stories and Ron's grace and humour with it :)
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This was fabulous, thank you so much for sharing.
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Thank you so much, this was just lovely. I teared up a little watching!
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So touched and inspired to carry on the fletcher work. Knowing that Ron would demand excellence in our teaching every day gets me to go there. To experience movement like he wanted is a gift to give others. Thank you Diane and Susan!
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Susan...I was fortunate enough to take multiple private classes with you in Palm Springs while taking my grandmother to chemo treatments in 2000-2001. I was so happy to see you here and hope to see more of your videos.
Thank you so much for this delightful and inspiring journey down a very memorable lane. I simply loved hearing about those very special times. The best part for me is how he lives on in both of you.I would just love to come to your studios for class!! I can really relate as I am also an ex ballet dancer, now a Pilates teacher. I am in love with movement and always will be. Let us say I speak your language and love the artistry behind it all. Thank you so much.
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