Diane & Susan on Ron<br>Diane D. & Susan S.<br>Discussion 1315

Diane & Susan on Ron
Diane D. & Susan S.
Discussion 1315

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Isabella G
Thank you for sharing these stories with us; I loved hearing about Ron’s emphasis on making movement meaningful and intentional. As a dancer, that idea really resonated with me and added a new layer to how I will approach my own Pilates practice going forward.
Ashley O
This was such an inspirational discussion . thank you for sharing your experiences and providing some insight to the meaning behind all of this. It really has made me feel inspired and so thankful I get to do this work and excited to eventually teach and share the full body , breath and mind experience with others
Solana M
Thank you for sharing this, this discussion was so inspirational. I really loved hearing about Ron and your experiences with him. I wish I could have learned from him as well and am so grateful to have learned some of his teachings and philosophy from Diane. 
Coral S
It was lovely hearing these stories about Ron and his impact on both of your lives. I found it really special to hear about the respect and dedication people gave to the pilates practice and how that has been passed down. I especially liked the phrase that pilates is a movement experience, not only physically, but also for the mind and spirit.
Moorea P
This was a very sentimental video tribute to Ron. It was truly inspiring as a dancer who is injured how pilates became such a contribution to injury rehabilitation and strength. I loved seeing Diane, who is my teacher, light up about sharing stories over her teacher, Ron and how he influenced her ballet work. I also loved Susan's thought about stillness. The classical pilates is truly shared between these two women sharing Ron's legacy. 
Lauren S
Thank you for sharing all of these lovely stories about Ron & both of your experiences. I am truly inspired & so thankful that I get to practice & share this beautiful movement that is Pilates. I sometimes too feel frustrated that some movements call themselves "Pilates" when in fact it is a misconception to what true Pilates is. There is so much noise out there in the industry & I am thankful to have guidance from teachers like Diane and Susan  to spread the true knowledge of Pilates & continue the legacy. Thank you xx
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