Deepen your Mat Practice<br>Shelly Power<br>Class 1324

Deepen your Mat Practice
Shelly Power
Class 1324

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Oh, that was fabulous! My Tuesday morning class in Surrey, England will be getting a feel of your freedom of movement from 'breaking the rules'! How refreshing! Thank you Shelly!
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Great class Shelly. We have something in common; we both like to break the rules and see what happens!
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Fabulous Shelley. Lots of useful tips and revision.
Karin H
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Aside from the fact that Shelly resembles my very graceful high school dance teacher/gymnastics coach from many years ago, I would like to see more of this kind of thoughtful movement and teaching with deep knowledge of anatomy.
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As always I love it. Beautiful flow of communication Xx
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that was great and refreshing! please continue teaching with pilates anytime and add more classes
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This is a really good class. Love the way you cue. Especially enjoyed the roll downs at the end. Thank you.
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Wonderful class!! Hope to see more of your classes on Pilates Anytime!
Love Ms Shelly ! so glad she is part of the Pilates Anytime team....
Loved this!! Great instruction and I really liked the freedom she allowed the students.
Thank you!
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