Neuroscience and Exercise<br>Mariska Breland<br>Workshop 1334

Neuroscience and Exercise
Mariska Breland
Workshop 1334

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Hello, Are ACE CEC's available for this workshop? Thank you!
Pam ~ We don't have ACE CECs available for this workshop, but I believe you can petition them to have workshops approved. At the moment, the only workshop we have with ACE credits is Brent Anderson's Back Care Workshop.
Natalie ~ I have sent you an email addressing your question.
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Mariska has so much knowledge and experience to share, this workshop was fascinating and informative. It was like reading a good book that I couldn't put down, I was completely glued to it to the end.
Thanks, Natalie! What a lovely compliment!
Hola, dictan talleres en español?
Gabriella ~ Tenemos un taller en español por Brent Anderson. Está subtitulado en español. Haga clic aquí para verlo. Pronto esperamos traducir el cuestionario en español también. Tenemos la intención de traducir más talleres y clases en español, ¿Hay alguna que prefiere ver traducción?
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this workshop is incredibly valuable for every type of teacher. the information is so well communicated; great real-life examples, self-tests and demos. my brain and body feel smarter after completing this workshop, A+++.
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Aloha! I am so stoked to have found this! I have a client who has MS and will be training with me in April. He has never tried Pilates before. I was just wondering like Natalie Shook asked, is there anyway I can get hold of a printout? I am taking notes, I would just love a print out, it would be very helpful with the images. Mahalo.
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amazing.....just amazing!
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