Mat Music Flow<br>Michael King<br>Class 1354

Mat Music Flow
Michael King
Class 1354

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love your classes!!!! thank you so much!!
thank you very much for a wonderful class. its a present!!!!
Love it! Love it !Love it!
Michael, after taking your classes I always admire the fact how in performing those smooth, gentle moves I feel my body working at its highest potential. Even after years of practicing Pilates this still fascinates me. You are a true inspiration! Thank you and I hope I see you and Malcolm soon :)
Yeong Cheol C
thank you.
What an amazing gift, Michael. How can you start a day with this and not feel lengthened, balanced, thankful, lucky for the rest of it ??
Fantastic class Michael,am ex-pro dancer from England and now pilates instructor.This site is amazing and your classes take me back to my dance roots.Keep them coming.Thankyou x
This was so inspiring. My curiosity towards movement is so satisfied, thank you very much for sharing your talent w/me, us, tout le monde!
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Thank you all for such wonderful messages, your words inspire me and I am already working on my next class !
Great class! I would love to get the name of the CD playing too.
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