Back to Basics Reformer
Troy McCarty
Class 1371

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Nice first I thought,"oh, this is kinda basic"..oh no... Some great level 2 stuff mixed in. He was just getting me ready! All of it was good & "chewy". Thank you,
Thanks Jennifer. Hope you have a good and chewy New Year!!
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Great video. Simple and easy language, yet completely meangingful.
Hi Maureen:
Happy you liked my class. Thanks for watching!!
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(Clap hands) great session
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I haven't used BB Reformer in months... it was a good class to get me restarted. I feel like I need some more of a workout today though.
Hi Julie:
Glad you liked my class. Thanks for watching.
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I was very happy to find some very intelligent cues in this class. This was a very enjoyable class and shows how you can make basic exercises very relevant and functional thanks to your creative yet safe cues, flow and focus. Thanks !
Hi Claire:
Thank you for watching my class and making the great comment!
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I love all these classic moves with such finite attention to detail....and I love HOW you teach!
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