Pilates with Plyometrics<br>Layla Khashoggi<br>Class 141

Pilates with Plyometrics
Layla Khashoggi
Class 141

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I absolutely love the class, great cardio workout combined with core strenght, flexibility! Everyday must for me!
Ted Johnson
We need to get Layla to do another one of these!
Oooohh... I want to do another... mix it up a bit, maybe a little shorter for those times when you don't have an hour but want to get a solid connection and a sweat all in one! Hopefully I will be back in the studio there this fall
What a cool class. A great way to mix pilates and cardio!
Thanks Elizabeth! Let us know if there is something you would like to see here on Pilates Anytime. We aim to please
Layla! that was hard and fun... would love to try more of your creative mixes! thank you!
Thanks, Colleen! Love that you enjoy the challenge. I'm working on a different kind of mix that I hope to tape when next in the area
Ok, playback is terrible on this one. I have played several of the classes with NO problem, this one stops and stutters all throughout, so much that I didn't even bother.
Many thanks for the heads up, Linda... the tech guys are looking into it to see what's amiss. We will let you know...
Fantastic, doing this class again.
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