Pilates with Plyometrics<br>Layla Khashoggi<br>Class 141

Pilates with Plyometrics
Layla Khashoggi
Class 141

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WOW! I thought I was in shape after doing cardio pilates at my local studio for 2 years; but I was wrong! Thanks for the new challenge. I look forward (sort of, if you know what i mean :) ) to working out with this video again.
Valerie- I am DELIGHTED you found this challenging... because we were all huffing and puffing pretty hard!! The goal was to provide a workout that people could work out with, or work up to! Hope you keep coming back... it gets a bit more comfortable, but not easy
I am a dancer and this class kicked my butt... great combo. Maybe you could do a cardio, pilates and lengthening class?
Hi Morgan... I'm smiling at your comment. It kicks my butt, too. I like the idea of cardio and lengthening... will work on something.
i think i already commented on this one, but I am a dancer and I couldn't complete some of the exercises--mostly because I'm trained in exerises that turn my legs out... but still!
Hi Morgan- If you do a lot in turn out, possible inner thigh weakness and concurrent external hip rotator tightness can make many plyometrics quite difficult. If that is your scenario, you might think about modifying many Pilates exercises (especially apparatus/resistance exercises) to stay with a parallel foot/leg position in place of a turn out or, when appropriate, try for internal rotation on things like feet in straps work on the Reformer or Cadillac. Anything you can do to balance the demand dancers often place on the external rotators and ask more of the internal rotators will help to build functional strength all the way around. Keep at it!
Amazing class, Layla. Thank you so much. I will certainly do this class again
I am planning a Cardio Pilates Bootcamp at my studio. Thanks for some great ideas.
@ Emerald- Glad you liked it... keep comin' back!
@Shoshana- a Cardio Pilates Bootcamp sounds great. I'd love to hear what else you incorporate.
message to whoever is hosting this site: please put 'Thumbs up' and 'Thumbs down' next to each comment so I don't have to repeat what was said.
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