Unilateral Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1418

Unilateral Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 1418

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B - I typically use one full spring for side splits :)
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wow, I feel so energized! Wonderful and challenging class, Iloved it, Meredith, -you are so creative on this equipment, and I also love your motivation in between! Thank you!
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Thank you Meredith! Wonderful class.
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Great class! Thanks Meredith. Loved the hip flexor work x
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Thank you Meredith! I love the innovative adaptations to the work!
Thanks gals! It makes me so happy to hear from you :)
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Loved it!!
Thanks Annie!
Tara E
My body loved this class! I really enjoyed noticing the differences between both sides. It beautifully highlights where I can fine tune. Thank you!
Great to hear Tara! Thanks for taking class with me :)
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