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Diastasis Recti Information
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Tutorial 1463

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I want to correct my last sentence above.....a hernia most likely cannot be corrected with exercise alone. With the hernia and possibly a significant DRA that may be accompanying it, your abdominal muscles in are unable to support and meet the demands being placed upon them in the particular exercises, ROMs and intensity levels you refer to. In fact, the potential of making the hernia and/or DRA more extreme and pronounced by continuing to perform these exercises, etc is highly likely. Before you continue to perform these exercises, the hernia needs to be fixed, corrected and healed. I would suggest omitting these exercises, ROMs and intensities you mentioned and again seek the advise, opinion and help of a OBGYN or PT. You may be able to try some of the exercise modifications that are taught in my second pre-natal series mat classes. I hope this helps a bit and please let me know if I can help in any way.

All the best,

Thank you Leah for taking the time to respond! (I'm sorry, what are ROMs?)

So a hernia has nothing to do with ab strength or pelvic floor strength? No matter how strong these muscles get (with safe exercises), you don't think there can be an improvement?

I will definitely try your mat workout, thank you!

ROM is range of motion

As a stated before, a hernia may not be able to be corrected with exercise alone. Yes, abdominal strength, control, movement integrity, recruitment and endurance play a large role in abdominal health and function, which plays a big role in conditions like DRA or a hernia, however, as I stated, without knowing the degree, condition, placement etc of the hernia and seeking the help and expertise of a doctor or PT, I would recommend you omit the exercises we discussed and see if you need some other therapy or treatment (which may or may not be recommended) before engaging in exercise alone to heal the hernia.


Absolutely, safe abdominal exercises should be done first before reintroducing traditional abdominal flexion, plank exercises, etc when working with and treating a hernia. And I do think there can and will be an improvement of a hernia in some cases when smart exercises are performed, however in my experience and opinion it can be tough, especially without knowing the severity of the hernia or without some pre-exercise treatment (if needed) from another professional. I hope this clears it up a bit. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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Hi Leah!

I wonder if you could give me some advise concerning a new client of mine.
She has had two pregnancies and just now is doing Pilates. She has a three fingers width diastasis recti and of course came with the goal of decreasing it substantially.
My questions to you are: do you think that Pilates can have a positive outcome in such case? Which exercises would you recommend?
I am not working with forward flexion, just engaging the TVAs. If the abdominal work is too much she notices that her abdomen gets bigger...

Would love to hear your suggestions.
Thank you!
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I only just started doing Pilates as I thought it might help my Diastatis Recti (still 1.5 fingers after 17 months). I have only started doing it through these videos as I live in the country so perhaps I should stop doing it?!

Given it has been 17 months or so, is this enough time for me to do all these exercises do you think or should I stick to walking still? (it's getting old!).

love this conversation. I have read about and spoken with so many different professionals on this topic. Seems like there are so many different opinions and views. I had no DRA with baby 1, a 1-2 finger gap with baby #2, and a 2 finger gap with baby #3. I've been told by many that no modifications need to take place as long as the DRA is 2 fingers apart or less. It just doesn't make sense. For one, there is a HUGE difference between the size of peoples fingers. Also, even with a 1 finger gap I could feel the need for abdominal modifications up to 1 year postpartum. Now, I am 6 months PP, have a 1.5 finger gap and very much feel the need for abdominal modifications. I love the thought of Pilates professionals researching this more!!
Just wondering if you have a class on PA based around this problem. It would be great to watch and get some tips and mods.
I find this one of the most common problems I come across and being a fairly new Pilates teacher u want to give the right advice.
Hi Felicity, We don't have a class that is specifically designed just for Diastasis Recti only, but Leah's pre and post natal classes and Melissa Connolly's post natal class may provide you with some guidance.

Melissa Connoly Leah Stewart
Hi Leah Stewart are there any videos on the correct exercises and programs to give to ladies that have 2 finger plus gaps? and also for prenatal SPD clients? (Sorry I am new to the site and have been searching for ages....)
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