Mat for Osteoporosis<br>Sherri Betz<br>Class 1481

Mat for Osteoporosis
Sherri Betz
Class 1481

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Sherri, around minute nine you say, finding the right position of your back, go forward and back until the back muscles contract, did you mean -relax?
Sherri Betz
Hi Leslie,
I sure did mean relax! I can't believe I said contract! Thank you for listening so carefully and for commenting so that I could correct the error.
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Excellent to observe the real time corrections of real clients, as opposed to confirmed pilates practioners (instructors). Loved your closing affirmations and the peaceful ambiance created.
Sherri Betz
Thank you Leslie!
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Lovely visualisations and corrections... I too agree its good to see clients being corrected when there not Pilates trained.
Learnt a lot from this class regards teaching... Really hope Sherri will be teaching more classes for Pilates anytime. Thank you for an excellent class .
Joanne dales
Sherri Betz
Hi Joanne,
Thank you so much. I am glad that you found the class helpful. I hope to inspire you to teach this population!
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Thank you for the great class, Sherri! I hope to see more classes from you on here. Loved it!
Sherri Betz
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Hi Jenn,
Thank you! So great to "hear" your voice! Please stop by the studio in Santa Cruz to say hi and show me your little boy-bet he is growing fast!
Sherri, you are so inspiring. Your ideas and your cues are indeed very enlightening. I will definitely apply these ideas to my own training and in my teaching.
I would love to take your class next time I see you!
love xoxo
Sherri Betz
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Veronique, Thank you very much for your positive feedback! I hope that you find some useful ideas and exercises to share with your clients to inspire greater health, confidence and well being! I look forward to hearing how your beautiful teaching is going!
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