Romana's Mat Flow
Dana Santi
Class 1497

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Loved every minute of this class, great teaching!! Thank you so much :)
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Loved this workout! Especially the teaser section...thanks!
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I really liked this workout. The part where she hits the arms was kind of surprising, not sure I'd want her to do that to me! :)
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Outstanding! Thank you!
Glad you like:)
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I LOVE this class. Do it several times a week. Dana, PLEASE give us another level 2 class that is a little longer. I tried your level 3 class but I'm not there...YET.
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thank you so much for this teaser variation....rather than struggle through a shabby version of the full deal you provided a version that can build strength so that ultimately I can do one correctly . Best of all I won't ingrain any bad habits along the way!
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@Linda, I'm coming back in October, so I will make sure another mat is on the list. @Joni, glad you like the teaser variation. I always say we need to get that perfect picture of the teaser out of our heads because chances are it's not that way on everyone's body.
So excited for your return Dana! Thank you for continuing to share with us!
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Great stretching and queues, I feel so energized and taller! Can't wait for more mat workouts. Ty
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