Romana's Mat Flow
Dana Santi
Class 1497

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What an exceptional class!! "Hip bones to the ceiling"--in RLAB, Teaser and Seal! I've heard it before, but somehow Dana helped me really find it this time. Movement and alignment epiphanies everywhere! And for the first time ever I was able to do neck pull without a little arm hiccup to come back up! Thank you, Dana! Definitely going into favorites!
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Glad you enjoyed Miriam!
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Excellent cueing. You are a brilliant teacher. Thank you.
Thank you Vimi!
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Dana your cues are so amazing that every time I take one of your classes I get it right.. all those exercises that we always need to work on. Thank you so much! Thanks PA for this great site.
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Cueing was really helpful with the hip work! Thanks!
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wish I had more equipment at home!
I love this class my core is feeling it after those teasers!
felt good!
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