Past Postnatal Reformer<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1501

Past Postnatal Reformer
Leah Stewart
Class 1501

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Fantastic class! More like this please!
Leah Stewart Great class.. how soon after no difficulty birth experience, should I do reformer postnatal exercises? And for how long should I focus on postnatal (so how soon could I start with normal reformer classes)?
I really liked this - I especially liked the side lying oblique Work just took a bunch of notes and can wait to try this !
Elizabeth Awesome! I hope you have enjoyed trying these exercises! They are so great!
Kristina K
Unfortunately not my favorite class. My body was feeling like in a cage on the reformer doing those exercises. I liked foot work and side lying though, but this actually created some tension in my shoulders, neck, so I will do some work now to release that tension that I created without knowing that
Fyi. There’s a typo near the beginning. Instead of FLAT back it says the f-word.   !!!
Kim G ~ Thank you for letting us know! Our captions are computer-generated and are usually pretty accurate, but occasionally, they miss the mark. We've fixed this typo in the transcripts/captions so that it now says flat back. I hope you enjoyed this class!
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