Past Postnatal Reformer<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1501

Past Postnatal Reformer
Leah Stewart
Class 1501

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Very nice class Leah even 26 years past post natal! I enjoyed the flow and the fun fundamentals for myself and for my students who are also past their childbearing years but also need gentler yet challenging programming. Thank you!
Great class. I can echo what Lynda had to say because I work with lots of seniors. Plus, this is a great way to teach fundamentals. Perfect!
Ladies - my apologies for responding to you comments so late! I am happy to hear that you have enjoyed this class on your own bodies and in teaching it to your older clients. I love hearing how this work works for various populations.
Me too, always enjoy your work Leah
Thank you Leah, I really enjoyed this class.Nice clear verbal cueing and imagery. I picked up alot of new ideas to use in my reformer classes...much appreciated.
THANK you, Leah! This was SO good and I felt it really help me connect with pelvic floor muscles. I'm on a journey healing diastase recti (even though I haven't been pregnant... boho!), But this class made me feel great and gave me a new found faith in the process!
Hello Leah, Thanks for all your classes, they are wonderful!! After you had your babies, how soon did resume taking Pilates classes?
Marie - I love that this class helped you feel great on your journey of healing DR

Sabrina - I started doing some form of "movement" straight away after giving birth. This was hardly exercise, but more breathing and imagery exercises to increase blood flow and connection with my body. However, a class like this one was definitely 3 or 4 months postpartum, if not longer. If you go back to the earlier classes in this postpartum series, I'm about 9 weeks postpartum, they are great for getting started after baby
Wonderful class Leah! You are a genius. Love your creativity. Powerful, deep, yet safe work. I am 4.5 postpartum of a twin pregnancy, and this felt amazing. Thank you!!
As I try to regain my strength, this was the right class at the right time. Thank you, Leah.
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