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Brent, really lovely to have found this overview here. You'll be pleased to know I've just signed up to do Comprehensive training with Carl and Julia at King's Cross here in the UK. I am so looking forward to it as the 'fit' seems exactly right for me. You talking about the 'spiritual' aspect of movement is interesting; I follow Robin Sharma's work quite a bit and he talks about a 'soulset' alongside mindset, healthset etc. - worth a look on YouTube if you're not familiar. I also am an experienced educator with an EdD in teaching and learning so looking forward to contributing to the Polestar community. Best wishes, Sarah
This was such a lovely surprise. I had been looking at Polestar Pilates and finding this was a hidden gem. Amy as always you are a lovely interviewer and Brent is so full of wisdom and kindness. Hope to be able to do a course at Polestar one of this days or even go to a gateway course. Wish I had known about Polestar when I decided to become a Pilates teacher but I guess it is never too late! Thank you for sharing your wisdom on Pilates Anytime :)
Sarah B
Thank you to the Polestar team for this very informative set of videos. I am currently studying on the London Comprehensive course, and every piece of study/lecture/practical component I partake in, I realise more and more what a good choice I have made with this journey!
I am a dancer by profession and really dream of using this pilates training to add a different dimension to my already fascinating career. 
I would LOVE eventually to help train and rehabilitate elite dancers and athletes through your methods. It sounds like this could be possible one day through Polestar... Brent if you can think of any avenues for me- I'm there!
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