Outdoor Reformer<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1583

Outdoor Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 1583

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Thank You Kristi! This was a great class! Your cues were great ,the flow was great and I love these 35-40 minute classes. I think you covered it all! Keep them coming.....
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Another great class, Kristi! LOVE your cuing, especially your infinity cues. This was perfect for me today. Please give us more Kristi classes!!! :)
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The transitions seemed a bit fast, maybe due to editing. Also, a few times I wasn't clear about what springs you were using. Otherwise, a great "classic" mat workout done on the reformer.
Lauren Ashley
Loved the extension work with the roll down at the end. Such a simple and easy variation to get all that spinal movement!
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What a wonderful way to start my day! Your ques were excellent! Thank you!
Loving the view! Beautiful class!
Thank you Kristi!
Helsinki misses Carpinteria!
Carpinteria misses you Heikki! Thanks for the feed back everyone. Karen, I'll take a look back at my transitions. I suspect it was more me than the editing so I really appreciate the helpful critique.
Thank you Kristi much needed work for me.
Thank you Kristi! An excellent class! You are awesome :)))
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Great class, thanks! ...but made me miss Santa Barbara. I used to love going to the beach in February when the weather was amazing and the beach was deserted!
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