Outdoor Reformer<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1583

Outdoor Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 1583

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Stacey ~ Thank you for your forum post. We always appreciate feedback as it helps us understand how we can improve. We have told our editors your suggestion so they will know to be more aware of this in the future. We're glad you enjoyed this workout!
Nice class. Thank you
Carrie W
Queuing was too quick and the whole routine was rushed.  They cut out all transitions so I was left scrambling to pause the video to get my box or set up for a new move.  It broke my routine and felt frustrating.  Also some moves won't work well with all reformers.  Mine is on the floor and shorter than what she has so I couldn't extend the way she wanted. 
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Carrie ~ Thank you for your feedback. We usually try to keep the transitions in the class so that you have time to get what you need. This is an older video so the editing may have been different than our normal flow. If you would like recommendations for classes that will work for your Reformer, we'd be happy to help you. Please email us at support@pilatesanytime.com for class suggestions.
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