Cardio Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1621

Cardio Mat
Amy Havens
Class 1621

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Love the variety and flow of this class Amy! would be great for an invigorating morning workout.
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Love this!!! I am always looking to introduce new ideas and add some cardio....thank you!!!
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f a n t a s t i c !!!!!!!
Sarah N
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Love your creativity! Such a fun workout!
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Loved the creative cardio component to this pilates segment!!
Tash Barnard
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Can't wait to teach this on Monday! Happy Int Pilates day !!
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excellent amy!! pilates+functional techniques are the best fusion, i love to do that in my daily classes. Thanks for the creativity!
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So fun! Great pace! Loved it!
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Nice....reminds me of an Ed Botha session ... killer stuff! Can't wait to share ... Thank you thank you thank you. Loved the chest lift variations at the beginning. What if you had a heart rate monitor on for this session? Bet it would be at least 225 kcals, right? Rock on
Thanks everyone.....glad you're enjoying this class. I had a lot of fun with to change things up a bit, ya know?! I value all the feedback, thank you so much!
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