Cardio Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1621

Cardio Mat
Amy Havens
Class 1621

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Loved the fun and uptempo nature of this class Amy! Especially the rolling like a ball jumps, windmill arms on side kneeling and the change of pace criss-cross... So challenging and functional working to try and keep that center of strength and balance whle moving through more explosive and dynamic movements! Thanks for another great class!
Very FUN class. Thank you.
Love this little powerful fun mini workout! Gets you going and..... Smiling! So creative - Your one of my favourite instructors - excited to pass this one on to my clients :))
Thank you Haille, Sherry and Lija! I value all your feedback and comments! Glad you enjoyed this short, fun, cardio infused Mat workout. Let me know what your clients think too!!
Just perfect!!! Exactly what I needed before I started teaching for the day!!! Thank you!!! :)
Thank you glad you enjoyed this little class and that it gave you a good start to your day! I love hearing that kind of response!! :)
Really fun quick workout when I Travel it is great!
Glad you liked it Brenda!!
Great short video to get you going - pilates style!
Really Fun Amy!
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