Cardio Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1621

Cardio Mat
Amy Havens
Class 1621

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You're welcome Rachel !  And thank you Michael M , glad you enjoyed this class!
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YES AMY!!! GET IT GIRL!!! Ah! Such a killer class. I was sweating like a pig!! I really enjoyed the choreography! It was so refreshing and got the whole body involved. I reaally loved the ab workout in the beginning with the leg and arm going to the side. I noticed my stable leg had a difficult time being stable lol so I'm excited to keep practicing with that! Ah you're a queen! Thank you!
Claudia H hey girl!!  Oh my gosh, this is a class from many years ago, ha!!  I loved teaching this one and glad you came along for this ride too.  Yay!!

Maryam V
Love it 🤩
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