Advanced Cadillac Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1640

Advanced Cadillac Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1640

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I wish I was doing his workout too!!!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Jeri, I get your desire to have this sort of experience. If you are ever in California, please let me know, and if I am filming, I could use you as "my body" - now that would be exciting for both of us. be well, and keep working out.
Lorie H
Love the finale. Had never seen that before.
Niedra Gabriel
It is wild - I love it too.
What an amazing session. Well done guys!!
That ending was something!! After all that you did, wow!!
How do I build that strength for that pike at the end? Put a box or a lift under my butt at first?? Thanks
Niedra Gabriel
Elizabeth, such a good question. There are progressions towards this power. First master the tendon stretch on the reformer. in the hight chair, there is a routine to lift the legs up in front when you are holding your weight on the bars. Thinking about this there are many variations through out the method to challenge this sort of strength. You can even practice teaser, put hands on floor and lift your self off the ground ? hanging from the side of the cadillac and lifting your legs up to pike. The box under the butt does not work because you won't get the stomach control to lift the legs and body into pike. Get creative and explore . Good luck.
Wow!! What an amazing class Niedra Gabriel so inspirational and things to work towards- thank you!❤️
Niedra Gabriel
enjoy enjoy.
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