Advanced Cadillac Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1640

Advanced Cadillac Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1640

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great class
Niedra: I am with you. Mica is so inspirational. For someone who has been in car accident no less! Wow. Tell him he is awesome. And off course you have given him your excellent guidance along the way.
WOW! What else is there to say?
Niedra Gabriel
Right? Micah is awesome and such a wonderful person and great teacher. You can tell - I am a fan too. So happy you all enjoyed him.
Nice variations, Niedra. Great hands-on cueing, as usual. Nice job, Micah.!
Heidi D
Wonderful cuing Niedra. I really enjoyed all of the corrections. Micah is obviously strong and flexible I could see how he was able to find length in his back and more movement in the upper spine and ribs. Great job to you both!
It is always a pleasure to watch your video's. Mika the end finale was awesome. Totally enjoyed this one!! Thank you both

MJ Iacono
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you all enjoyed this lesson. It is always a pleasure to work with "Micahs" as they are so capable and able, and show the brilliance of this method.
W O W Z A !!! Gulp! Simply Marvelous!!! Both of you!!!!
Niedra Gabriel
I am laughing - what a great comment Mary Liz.
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